ACT for NJ - Northern Region


Meeting Minutes - June 20, 2012
Morris County Division of Aging, Disability, and Veterans Conference Room
340 West Hanover Avenue
Morristown, NJ
(973) 285-6848

Suryakant Shukla-Bergen
Gloria Layne-Bergen
Sylvia Norden-Bergen
Lou Schwartz-Bergen
Gloria Chambers Benoit-Essex
Sylvia Harris-Essex
Walter Jacobs-Essex
Gloria Mills-Essex
Beverly L. Oliphant-Essex
Helen J. Stephens-Essex
Charles A. Jurgensen-Morris
Patricia Zakrzeski-Morris
Eileen Port-Passaic
Bob Steinmeyer-Passaic
Lorraine Hentz-Sussex
Helen Faith-Warren
Barbara Green-Warren
Helen Haydu-Warren
Susan Lennon-Warren

We must focus on moving forward with one unified voice
 The North-Region Infrastructure
o Development of an infrastructure that would allow us to efficiently get the word out when an issue requires action.
o The Strategic Plan for the Northern Region Act was distributed and briefly discussed. It was decided that with the Strategic Plan in place we can now move on to the next step which would be how to put the Strategic Plan into action.
o A website was activated for all council members to use for sharing information,

 Communication Network
o It was determined that with the combined voices of all the Advisory Council members in New Jersey would have a more powerful impact in our advocacy efforts.
o Since the quality of life for all seniors in this country is being compromised we should expand our communication efforts to other councils in New Jersey and to other councils in other states. Sharing information from council to council and from state to state. If we have relationships in other states we should share information with and encourage them to share the information with as many people as possible.

 Action Strategy
o Set up a campaign strategy where all councils can be mobilized into action when an issue arises.
o Develop a systematic approach when disseminating information.
o Develop an action schedule, if we decide to contact or send letters to our local newspaper all the councils should do the same at the same time. If we should need to contact our local representatives we should all do it at the same time. This will organize our efforts’ guaranteeing a greater impact. If we decide to move forward with the gold post cards we must get them out in a scheduled and coordinated manner.
o We will be targeting summer events to get the word out that there are possibly 500,000 seniors waiting home for a meal to be delivered, because they can’t go out to a picnic.
o REAUTHORIZATION OF THE OLDER AMERICAN ACT is going to be our firsts campaign. We will focus on candidates and incumbents.

We need to get the campaign strategy schedule done now. We will contact the Central and Southern Councils to make them aware of the proposed campaign so that we can all move forward efficiently as one unified voice.

The next meeting will be on July 18th, 10:00 am, Morris County Division On Aging.